Tacconi Arredamenti has been transformed by its 40 years of experience into an organization now capable of fully supporting our contractors in the design and execution of widely-differing and eclectic projects of superb quality. Our raison d’etre – and the motivation for our constant drive to learn and improve day by day – is to turn every last detail of the concepts drafted by our design professionals into perfectly crafted interior design solutions precisely tailored to our clients’ requirements, whatever they may be. Our mission is to take care of all the technical and aesthetic requirements quickly and professionally, and to provide support for the design expert on every decision.


We act as trusted partner to our designers to help them in their daily operations by managing every technical and aesthetic requirement with maximum efficiency. We are always available to offer you the right furnishing solution, reducing the time spent by technicians and designers to a minimum and ensuring maximum operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Tacconi Arredamenti can help you with your design research by assisting you in the selection from a range of outstanding brands, where superb quality of style and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our way of working – with commitment and reliability on any type of project.


Whatever the customer or design-project profile, we can select the best product-design fit for your requirements, while ensuring the highest quality for any given price-point selected by the customer.


Our expert team is always ready to handle any request, however demanding, and any design-project, no matter how complex. Designers can also take advantage of services of specialists in working alongside them in total transparency and professionalism.


We support the designer throughout the negotiation and implementation phases so that they deliver to the agreed timeframe and budget. And we take care of all the technical requirements that might otherwise divert the designer from their complete focus on the overall management of the design-project of their creation.